If you’re not getting refreshing, deep sleep, it is probably time to shop for a new mattress !

Obvious signs that your old mattress has seen better days:

  • A valley has developed in the section of the mattress where you sleep,
  • Sagging across the middle third of the mattress or along the sides makes you roll toward your partner,
  • The mattress makes creaking noises,
  • Soft, non-supportive edges are a sign of edge breakdown,
  • You’re waking up sore or stiff in the morning,
  • You have developed reoccurring back pain.

Signs that you are not getting enough sleep:

  1. You are always tired in the morning
  2. You are having constant difficulty getting out of bed
  3. You are in need of a nap during the day
  4. You are irritable, unable to concentrate
  5. You sleep better on the coach
  6. You are not sleeping well

Poor sleeping habits and the effects of sleep deprivation is usually the first sign that you need a new mattress.
Obviously a good night’s sleep is crucial. Sleep helps replenish the vital energy you expend during the day.