Substances that cause an allergic reactions in some individuals. Foam that is mildew and dust-resistant can be a good choice for allergy sufferers.

A chamber used to obstruct the movement of a substance (for example, water).

Bed Frame
A frame that maintains the position of the foundation, headboard and footboard

Bed Support
The bed rails and frame that help prevent the set from warping, twisting and sagging.

Body Alignment
The relational positioning and balance of the spine, muscles and joints.

Border Wires
Heavier-gauge wire that keep the mattresses shape and increase its durability.

Box Spring
A foundation is made of cone-shaped wire coils.

A spring to provide resistance to applied weight.

Coil Configuration
The arrangement of coils in a specific pattern.

Comfort Zone
The layers of upholstery between the support system and the ticking of the mattress.

Continuous Coil
A mattress construction in which a single wire is formed into a row of coils. Also integrated coil.

Corner Guard
Made of plastic, its purpose is to protect the corners of the foundation.